Pricing for APIs, Genomic Tests & Solutions

DARVIN’s Prices are affordable & based on need.

Genomic or Genetics Testing Pricing

Pricing varies based on test kit.

Wellness Test (My Diet, My Fitness, My Weight, Detoxification, My Skin)
Oncology Test
Antidiabetic (Metformin)
Organ Transplant
Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS)
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

For more info on test, please go here:
Note: These tests are done via Partner (NMC Genetics) and full filled by them. Each test takes 3-4 weeks or more time depending on complexity of test. Advisory, research and analysis is 100% taken care by NMC Genetics and DARVIN does not take guarantee for any test result.
NMC Genetics uses its own patented algorithms, solutions and devices to enable the test to be done.

Health & Insurance APIs Pricing

Prices are based on actual volume & use case.

Health Scoring APIs
Health Risk APIs
Environmental Health APIs
Fitness Scoring APIs
Health Analysis APIs
Epidemic Indicator Risk APIs
Claims APIs
Image Recognition APIs
Medical Documents Reading APIs
Mortality APIs
Weather Risk APIs
AQI (Pollution) APIs
On-Boarding APIs
KYC, Face, Signature APIs
Handwritten APIs
Micro Insurance APIs
Patient Advisory APIs
Claims Denial APIs
Post-Discharge APIs
Health Fraud APIs
Location Health APIs
Early Health Claims APIs
ECG, Diagnostic, MER, Tele MER APIs
Video Based Underwriting APIs
Non-Invasive Health APIs

Solutions & Products Pricing

DARVIN build full-stack Health Insurance tech.

Pricing for end to end platforms for health insurance is depedent on the use case and volume.
PoC Pricing (One Time) = Min. US $10,000
Per Policy UW Price
Per Claims Price
Per Policy On boarding
Licensing (3-5 Years or more)
Pay as you Go
Subscription Monthly or Yearly
Customisation Cost

DARVIN’s Customer On-boarding, health underwriting, health risk assessment, health fraud, cashless claims, post-discharge claims, claims denial, claims authorisation, medical documents OCR/ICR & others solutions are provides as package to insurance companies, TPAs, Hospitals and Brokers at affordable cost to enable better experience to customers, reduce risk, increase transparency and quick settlement & issuance.