Health Insurance

Health Insurance providers, distributors, Brokers & PoS are struggling with innovation, complex processes, manual operation, high pricing, high opex and non-ability to compete with new age insrutech startups. DARVIN’s health insurtech platform enabling businesses to build new age products, solutions for customer on-boarding, agent sals, personalization, distribution, risk & fraud assessment, documents processing, smart underwriting, renewals, micro /on-demand insurance & claims automation.


AI, ML & Data Driven Intelligent, Personalised, Risk Based & Automated Insurtech Products

Digital Customer On-Boarding & Sales

End to end customer & agent on-boarding using eKYC, Video, Location, Environmental, Device Data with pre-filled profiling under 30 seconds.

Health Underwriting & Risk

Automated & self-reliant, dynamic & smart health underwriting platform with scoring, prediction, symptoms, pricing, decision under 60 seconds.


Health Claims Automaton & Decision

End to end health claims decision, risk & automation platform for cashless claims, post-discharge claims & OPD Claims under 180 seconds.


Micro & On-Demand Health Insurance

Build new age health insurance products based on customer need using AI, ML, Profiling, Location, Insights,Wearable under 2 weeks.

Watch how AI Underwriting enabling instant risk assessment & policy decision?

How DARVIN by Artivatic supporting during COVID-19?